Doodle Explainer Videos

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What is a Doodle explainer video?

A Doodle Video is an animated video used to market a campaign, product, or brand among many uses.  As part of an effective social media marketing portfolio, one should have an array of digital video tools to reach your clients. Doodle explainer videos does exactly that.

Which different types of Doodle explainer video backgrounds are available?*

Doodle explainer videos are available in whiteboard, blackboard, and green board background format.

Are Doodle explainer videos available in different languages?

Yes. Please enquire about additional languages today.

What is the cost of a Doodle explainer video?

According to "Idea Rocket Animation" the market-related cost of a Doodle explainer video is above $5,000. Our cost is less than 95% of that. Our social media marketing agency pricing of $99 for a video of 1 minute.

Can I use my own voice in the Doodle explainer video, or do I have to use the options provided?

You may use either. We advise our customers much better after consultation.

Can we meet virtually to discuss the creation of your Doodle explainer video?

As your best virtual assistant for small business owners, and considering how the world has become digital, yes we can meet virtually. A quick Zoom call, and we can have our discussion wrapped up with a solution on its way to you.

*See examples of Doodle explainer videos below.

Blackboard video

Whiteboard video

Glassboard video

Whiteboard video