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Did you know that ranking on the first page of YouTube, Google's baby brother, can assist you to rank higher on Google? Did you know that the first page of Google gets 71% of visitor traffic, compared to 6% on the later pages? 

At Clickagency we create brand awareness by using video marketing campaigns for our customers, even if they don't have video content. We work at ranking their video message higher on Youtube and Google, based on the industry or niche they are in. Whether you are a digital marketer, Vlogger, social media manager, blogger, agency, or Youtuber, etc., we work with you to maximize the presence of your content online. The higher your video or website ranks, the higher your potential traffic will be, which may result in more customers and increased sales.

We work with small businesses to expand their reach online, utilizing social media channels and attracting customers, one click at a time. Clickagency helps businesses optimize their websites, blogs, or videos to improve their rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

If that's not enough we will publish your YouTube content, old or new, to over 100 additional languages in order to expand the reach of your message.

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Services & Pricing

With our video ranking solutions and additional video services, your business will enjoy a new level of results that it so desperately needs. You don't have videos? No problem! We have various solutions available which may be developed in order to elevate your brand on Google and Youtube.

YouTube Video marketing

Clickagency works at ranking current YouTube videos higher than their current position using improved SEO titles, descriptions, and tags. We explore and implement highly profitable keywords to improve your online presence. The results are more visitors from Google & Youtube.

$19.99 per video


Video animations

We create small video animation assets that include logo animations, intros, outros, lower thirds, transitions, and much more.

All of our animations are template-based. The small videos we provide may be used for various social media channels.

$9.99 per video



Our solution transforms any text into human-sounding voice-overs, with inflections. which prevents the AI-voices from sounding robotic.

The Clickagency solution translates into 23 languages using male, female, and child voices.  

$9.99 per A4 page full text



Clickagency transcribes video and audio into high-quality text.

The AI voices are non-robotic, but are artificially generated meaning the turn-around time to provide you with an awesome solution, is shorter.

Our solution translates into 23 key languages using male, female, and child voices.

$9.99 for every 5 minutes of audio

Doodle explainer videos

We create Doodle explainer videos to promote a brand, business, or product.  Explainer videos are animated hand-drawing videos, with a narrator covering the voice-over. You can use your own voice or we will provide an excellent AI-generated, non-robotic voice-over for you.


If you prefer to have a video without any voiceover but text only, we provide that service too.


YouTube Video Booster

We will boost your Youtube presence by translating your video titles, tags, and descriptions to any of over 100 languages and ranking them in the foreign language (s) you have chosen. This enables you to reach an international audience in a language group that will take you years to master. Contact us today to confirm the availability of languages.

$19.99 per 1-minute doodle video

$14.99 per video

 Video Caption Maker

With Video Caption Maker we translate existing Youtube video English subtitles into over 100 languages, provided it already has English subtitles.

Over 50% of videos on Youtube are watched without sound! A good video must always have good accompanying captions.


To activate English captions/subtitles on Youtube, just click on the "subtitles/closed captions (cc)" button on the bottom of the Youtube video. With this feature enabled, we will do the rest by ensuring the language of your choice is captioned based on our range of over 100 languages. 

$9.99 per video


YouTube Thumbnail Creation


Did you know that having a compelling thumbnail on your videos, or YouTube videos attracts more visitors to your video?

Clickagency provides engaging thumbnails that inform potential viewers what to expect in the video.

YouTube's algorithm promotes videos with acceptable thumbnails much more than ordinary-looking videos. Viewers notice a thumbnail first before they read your video title, and watch your video.

Let us provide you with awesome-looking thumbnails.

$5.99 per thumbnail

Social Media Management

The Coronavirus pandemic taught all business about the importance of having an active and healthy social media management strategy.

Clickagency provides the following social media management services:

  • Social media strategy

  • Social media calendar creation

  • Multiple channels set up

  • Content creation

  • Campaign set up and tracking

  • Reporting


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Why is video ranking important in your online business today?






of all internet traffic was video in 2020
of a message is retained when viewers watch videos compared to 10% when reading a message in text
is the measure by which Youtube watch time has grown year-on-year 
of users find videos helpful when making online purchasing decisions

We combine webpage and video SEO to rank you higher.

A Word from the founder

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With over a combined 17 years of extensive experience in customer service, training, retail, banking, marketing, call center, and communications, my passion is to bring you to your ideal customer and to expand your online reach via social media.


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Clickagency founder: Ashley Rooskrantz


Important Announcements

In May 2021 Google's Core Web Vitals changes are coming into effect. If your website has not been optimized accordingly, you risk losing your current your website ranking. 

We offer longstanding and contract customers new product releases that is not made available to the general public. These are tools that we believe will make your online presence stronger. 

If you want a free website assessment valued at over $97, contact us today. It is a detailed report that indicates any changes your web developer might have to make to increase your web presence. Contact us today for a free assessment


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Look out for book launches, podcast releases, and webinars from time-to-time. Our social media accounts are newly created and will be updated more regularly with nuggets of awesome value.
We look forward to taking and keeping your business online.
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